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SIM Card Issuing & Reading/Writing Machine CJT-F3-7000
*Supports 2FF SIM card issuing and reading/writing.
*Replaceable capture box: is adopted to make it more convenient for users’ card management and effectively reduce time for card loading.

CJT-F3-7000 series card SIM card issuing machine primarily applies to 2FF SIM card issuing system, such as self-service devices for opening and reissuing of SIM cards for telecom operators, such as CHINA TELECOM, CHINA MOBILE and CHINA UNICOM.

* Supports 2FF SIM card issuing and reading/writing.
* Replaceable capture box: is adopted to make it more convenient for users’ card management and effectively reduce time for card loading.
* Drop-type IC contact: is adopted to reduce friction between contacts and cards, improve the service life of contacts and effectively avoid card scratch.
* Belt-driving card pushing device: is adopted to improve the stability of production in batch.
* Pushing way to dispense card: improves the success rate of issuing cards.
* Built-in standard PC/SC card reader: is capable of directly reading/ writing SIM card (CPU card).
* Unique card outlet design: makes it convenient for users to withdraw cards and strengthens the reliability of front-end holding of small cards.
* Bezel with LED light: accurately indicates users to withdraw card and card position information.
* Card outlet device, installation structure and software interface of the product: are all highly compatible and interchangeable directly with “standard card” dispenser.
* Collecting box: could be equipped with for wrong and/or used cards collecting.  
* Several detection switches: are able to judge the card position and indicate the card status.
* Supports online upgrade program.

ELECTRICAL Power Supply DC24V±5%/,< 1.5A
Quiescent Current <150mA
Communication Method USB2.0 for card reader part
RS232 for card dispenser part
USB2.0 for card reader part
Service Life Issuing life ≥ 800.000 times
IC contact≥300.000 times
Card Stacker Capacity 120pcs (0.76mm standard card)
Capture Box Capacity 15~30 pcs(0.76mm standard card)
Net Weight Approx.1.4KG (excluding accessories and package)
C/D Dimension 261L x 100W x 195.2H mm (card holding mode)
241L x 100W x 195.2H mm (card dropping mode)
ENVIRONMENTAL    Operation Temperature/Humidity  0℃ to 50℃/0 to 90% RH without condensation
Storage Temperature/Humidity -25℃ to 80℃/0 to 90% RH without condensation
PERFORMANCE Cards Supported 25L x 15W mm (0.76mm standard card)
IC Contact Complies with ISO7816